The old chinese curse says: may you live in interesting times… Interesting and challenging as these times may be, confusing and sometimes bleak, one thing prevails, above all else: Hope. Hope shines above all the doom and gloom, and hope shines in bright colours. Always.

The VIKTORIAVARGA Budapest SS23 collection is inspired by the South Africa’s Cape Town, one of the most exciting cities in the world. Ever so fitting, it is also a symbol of resilence and humanity, and just like the notorios Cape of Storms that changed its fate by renaming itself as Cape of Good Hope.

The city is surprising from its modern architecture and thriving art scene, to eclectic and resourceful townships and colonial Victorian architecture. Its dazzling cultural diversity and rich history have no end.

Bo-Kaap – with those beautifuly coloured houses made me imagine my designs on the catwalk, and inspires the rainbow colour palette of the collection, from end to end of the spectrum. The scenery from the flat-topped Table Mountain down to the blue waters of Table Bay is simply stunning and everchanging. The curves of Bosjes chapel, floating above the water, were interpreted as the fabric is gliding on the body, a smooth look creating cinematic motion in form and structure.

We stay true to the local craftsmanship and then, seen thru our brand lenses, it magnifies to remarkably rich design and texture.

The key pieces show a new version of the Signature artisanal techniques, with pom poms, ribbons, and knitted silks.

The silhouettes are extremely varied, the most found being A and straight line in different lengths, from dressy dresses to jumpsuits, through coats to evening dresses. Surprisingly layered outfits make the final looks modern and diverse.

A new experiment can be observed in the combination of materials, shapes and the Signature techniques. Hand painted panels add an artistic impression that make the pieces truly unique. The brand’s favorite fabric is silk, and it remains in focus, completed with fashion neoprens and wools.

The flora of the region can’t be ignored, so made an inspiration for the forms and appliques. A plethora of proteas, birds of paradise, wild gardenia and more than 7,000 plant species of the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden find their way into VIKTORIAVARGA SS23.

In Good Hope.