Lively, bright and vibrant colours, Portuguese street art, the constant sunshine and the cheerful mentality of the Mediterranean people inspired the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection. The always summery atmosphere of the Azores, known as the Hawaii of Europe, and the Portuguese diversity, traditions and distinctive patterns are reflected in the pieces of the collection.

The brand’s colour palette and extravagant tailoring elements are also present, with hand-applied silk ribbon details making the collection even more extraordinary.

The collection is inspired by Portugal’s harmonious blend of natural beauty, architecture and cultural aesthetics, with the traditional tile pattern and the ever-cloudless blue sky. The rich cultural heritage of the country is beautifully reflected in the intricate patterns and vibrant colours of the traditional tiles, azulejos.

The collection builds on Viktória Varga’s signature elements such as bold colours, ribbons and pompoms, as well as the use of form-fitting yet simple silhouettes and colour combinations, which add a boldness to the new collection. The fusion of craftsmanship and the country’s artistic tradition has resulted in extravagant and bold pieces. The patterned fabrics are entirely custom-made. Hand-dyed in our workshops, unique patterns are digitised and then transferred onto silk fabrics to create the most extraordinary VV creations. The collection also makes use of former tailoring waste in the form of ribbons, embellishments and other appliqués, helping to reduce the brand’s ecological footprint.

The silhouettes are extremely diverse, with the collection’s pieces mostly A and straight-lined in different lengths, from elegant blazers, silk blouses and wool coats to evening dresses. Rich silks continue to dominate, subtly complemented by neoprene, cotton, tulle, faux fur and wool.
Statement pieces include silk ribbon appliqués, sleeves with fabric ratchets, striking details and hand-painted 3D embellishments. Strong colours are complemented by soft shades of white, powder and baby blue.
The elegant, long lines of the architectural shapes provide a timeless, modern chic. Soft fabrics, exciting details and colourful yet cosy and warm garments create a feeling of eternal summer, even in winter.