In Bloom

The In Bloom Collection was inspired by the fabulous landscape of lake Como with its towering mountains creating shadows and lights, dancing on the crystal clear, smooth lake.

The imposing villas along the lake represent luxury and sophistication with classic, timeless elegance, evoking La Dolce Vita, the very core of this collection. The vibrant turquoise dome of Como’s cathedral, the palm trees, the colors of awakening nature and the harmony of the sun’s warm golden rays are reflected  in each design.

Vivid and vibrant colors, pink, red, orange, turquoise, green all represent renewal and freshness that pays homage to the oncoming spring.

The designer carries also in this collection the floral motifs, emphasizing the beauty, lust, surprise and splendor of nature.

“Lake Como is wonderful, I can daydream for hours, glazing over the ever changing waters. A little meditative walk on the well-kept lakeside promenade with colorful flowers is my waking up into the glory that surrounds me. The garden of Villa Melzi was a real inspiration to me, the wonders of which I wanted to display in a modern robe in this collection. I just love flowers, and current trends are supported by its translation of the fashionable language of nature’ said Viktoria Varga, the brand’s eponymous designer.

Architecture as a recurring source of inspiration as it has an impressive overall impact. The Como Cathedral also offers a magnificent view from the outside, with a Gothic, marble face highlighted by detailed stone carvings and magnificent sculptures. Soft light radiates through its pink windows, which further adorns the building. Not only is this cathedral lavish on the outside but the interior is simply beautiful, with excellent architectural details and forms visible on both the exterior and interior facades. These beautiful shapes and colors gives the inspiration for textile and motifs

The Mediterranean distilled essence of life and its light flow is painted in by the red and pink lilies, bunches of gravel, roses, and the vibrant oranges of tulips. The rippling play of turquoise, whites, blues and purples embodies the water of the lake, all represented by vibrant, fresh, easy-to-wear summery pieces. The collection includes special dresses, skirts, trousers, silk blouses, overalls and jackets in its unique tailoring solutions. The importance of sustainability played a central role in the completion of the pieces. That’s why the pieces in the In Bloom collection are made from noble and natural materials like silk. The special feature of the spring-summer season is the T-shirts made using entirely sustainable cutting waste.

“I believe that instead of over-consumption, we need to move more and more towards conscious shopping. It is worth building a practical, well-combined wardrobe from durable, high-quality pieces that function well even as an all-day wear. I wanted to show how dramatically the cutting waste can be used and turned into individual pieces. ” -emphasized Viktoria Varga.