We live in a world so deeply connected, so symbiotic, so interdependent. every individual element defines and equally is being defined; there is no sunset without the canopy of the horizon, no majestic mountain without that valley that it shadows, no ocean is truly inspiring without the expanse of the sky, and our world would not be quite finite without the little wonderful specks that is us, humans.

In a world that is so keen to rank everything, I am amazed in the realization that one thing went unranked: colours. Sure, we all have preferences and predilections but we can not honestly say that one color is better than another?! This is my source, my autumn, my platform, my alchemy, the equilibrium of colors.

This continues to be the essence of my latest collection, Connected Disconnections. 

It is further inspired by city that I love, Budapest. Every street is an unique story and then it meets another in a junction. Every arch, pillar, gate, park, bridge, height and river bank carries the ideas of its architect and yet, they all form the universe of Budapest. A city of so much diversity and  identities and so many connections. 

Hand painted geometrical prints give the essence of the patterns which reflect these architectural elements. Wide colour palette as usual, from white, yellow to red, blues and purples, experimenting with new colour combinations.

Rich silks and wools continue to be the dominating fabrics, subtly complemented by neoprene, cotton, tulle and artificial fur. Waist’s emphasis and sleek silhouettes, short and midi lengths set the base for all the nuanced handmade details, like ribbons, pompoms and hand-painted surfaces.

As it has been characteristic for the brand, the collection features various pieces that can be layered, be worn all-day and feel very comfortable. Bold exaggerated lines and silhouettes are key this season.

A season when perhaps we will learn again how to connect the blur of all these disconnections.