The VIKTORIAVARGA Spring Summer 2020 melts the contemporary white Moscow cool with the designer’s chic aesthetic. The walks about the city’s broad avenues, so enriched in complex stories, modernity and history, with speeding accents facing the sunset inspires the collection. Characteristic landmarks and cultural phenomena like Bolshoi Theatre, Saint Basil’ Cathedral, the peacock clock, matryoshka, are all giving soft or even hidden cues in the lines and patterns.

The soft brightness of the Eastern sunrise sees the mint, turquoise, green and white meeting the other end of the Sun’s day-trip’s red, purple, pink and soft shadows, creating the line’s end to end colour spectrum.

Romantic in nature, the garments have splendid use of appliqués, the label’s signature pom poms, layers, big bows and floral motifs. Rich silks continue to be the dominating fabrics, subtly complemented by new laces and tulles. Waist’s emphasis and sleek silhouettes, short and midi lengths set the base for all the nuanced details, giving the very character of Spring Summer 2020.

The soft clean cut lines are accentuated and detailed by rich accessories: collars, scarfs, golden earrings, headdresses and lace cuffs, Russian shawls and tiaras. There is always a hue of old-world charm. Anew

Photo: Csaba Vágó
Model: Eszter Gál (VM Models)
Hair: Vivien Militaru
Make up: Eszter Domonkos
Location: Pintér Art Gallery