VIKTORIAVARGA Budapest’s new Fall/Winter 2019 collection. URBAN WOMAN
A focused look on moments of a modern woman in her natural habitat

The URBAN WOMAN collection explores the modern, sophisticated working woman who is always on the move, swinging between mundane, exciting, relaxing or engaging. She is inspired, stylish and authentic, herself in every situation, from the morning ‘get me up’ coffee to a leisurely one in the late noon. From a business meeting to walking the dog. From driving roundabouts to striking a pose. Always bringing contrasting color to the grey concrete of the big city she is living in, with her vivid, vibrant clothes.

The color contrasts are playing a big role in some pieces, so you can often find blue paired with green, red with pink or mustard yellow with a purple. The main colors are red, cobalt blue, emerald green, mustard, bronze and black, which is an excellent counterpoint to vibrant shades. This time, the patterns on the clothes are not organic, but geometric and striped. Colourful collars are the new accessories to the collection, hand-knotted using silks in three exciting shades blending at once.

As it has been characteristic for the brand, the Urban Woman collection features various pieces that can be layered, be worn all-day and feel very comfortable. You can safely pick them in the morning for a day in the office, but with just a touch, they are perfect for a cocktail party or dinner out.

Photo: Csaba Vágó
Model: Panna Fehér
Hair: Vivien Militaru
Make up: Veronika Pólya