Style Concierge

VIKTORIAVARGA BUDAPEST is a brand for vibrant, energetic women, who are working in leading positions. We know first hand, what it takes: long days with full of meetings and todos, constantly changing. This is a real challenge and it is no surprise that most of these wonderful women choose the first thing to eliminate: caring for themselves.

They are not only setting aside me-time activities like a massage, meditation, but also totally profound things like buying clothes. This act is supposed to be a nice, relaxing part of our lives, but to busy women, it just builds up their stress levels and means rather an obstacle for them.

We know this situation exactly, that’s why we decided to launch our Style Concierge service!

It means that Viktória Varga, the brand’s designer comes personally to your home or your workplace and helps you try and choose her clothes. She takes partly pieces which you chose from the website, partly suggested by herself. She also takes your measurements, which has to be made only once, and after that, you will be able to buy anything without a doubt – because the items you buy will be made personally for you!

Sounds great, right?

How does this happen: you reserve the time online, Viktória visits you with her stander full of clothes. Like a moving fashion studio. This way you can spare your time and energy while taking care of your wardrobe.

Prices for the Style Concierge service:

  • Individual service: 60 000 HUF. 20% of it can be written off the sum of purchase.
  • Service for more than one person: 30 000 HUF. 20% of it can be written off the sum of purchase.

If you would like to wear colorful, unique clothes made to measure, just get in contact with us already!

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