Marie Claire Fashion Show 2018

In November I have debuted the 2019 Spring Summer collection during the Marie Claire Fashion Days. The collection draws its inspiration from Budapest, attempts to capture the very essence of the city, its silhouette, and the slow lingering morning lights.

The eclectic architecture of Budapest is the inspiration for the lines of this collection, from art nouveau, romantic, neo-classicism and romantic styles, the very substance of VIKTORIAVARGA BUDAPEST elegance. This blends naturally and effortlessly in the detailing and handcrafting effused in the baroque, ottoman and gothic styles that beautifully mark the city’s most iconic buildings, baths, and bridges.

And then there is the buzz. The buzz that is unique to that of the city awakening in spring, with the coming of tourists, the many cafes opening its terraces, the parks coming alive, and the winter’s grays giving way to colors.

The vivid reds and oranges, the subtle lilac and bold magentas are seen in this collection of dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets and evening gowns. The ethereal and yet easy to wear an attitude of the garments is furthered by oversized earrings, headpieces, and handmade leather patterned belts. 

Can not wait for the spring to come!