Timeless creations, bold colours, daring lines

the very essence of VIKTORIAVARGA brand

VIKTORIAVARGA Budapest is a most definitive womenswear label. Timeless creations, bold colours, daring lines and beautiful fabrics are the very essence of the brand. Always elegant and never forced. Its ease is in the lines, structures, fabrics, and colors that are bold and delicate. It is in the way it combines hand-crafted solutions, amazingly detail-rich and fluent. And always feminine.

Our pieces are giving the feel of levitation and appealing to the elegant strong grounded urban woman: wearable yet unique, eye-catching. Key pieces are dresses, skirts, coats and evening gowns. Apart from our seasonal collections, we design an exclusive Signature Line, centered on the evening and special occasion gowns, with exquisite levels of detailing and fineness and ultra feminine shapes along with handmade, ribboned coats.


 Designer and the label owner

I’ve always dreamt of creating and then dreamt of how to make the dreams come true.  

My story starts as a tennis player, later becoming a tennis coach and then getting a diploma in financial accounting. After graduating, I worked for several years in various finance roles, but creativity was painfully lacking in my life. After a short time living in Canada, I chose not to live someone else’s life. Time to awake my dreams. And so in 2014, I took a leap of faith. I enrolled at the Contemporary Art School, KREA, to become a fashion designer. 

I would like to make it easier for feminine women to express themselves and would like to create pieces that make them feel beautiful.

“My flower is somewhere out there…”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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